Rex Huppke’s workplace columns have touched on subjects ranging from love among co-workers to the neuroscience behind innovation. Like his columns, Rex’s presentations are based on extensive reporting and reviews of current academic studies and workplace survey research.

They are also, according to those who’ve attended, funny, engaging and entirely non-threatening, largely because Rex talks to people as if he was in the neighboring cubicle and approaches work with a blend of whimsy and humility.

Below are descriptions of three presentations, but Rex is able to speak on virtually any workplace-related topic and is happy to develop tailor-made sessions.

The Axis of Workplace Evil: Meetings, Politics, and Toxic Co-Workers

This session features a pragmatic and occasionally funny look at ways to boost morale and engagement by improving on three inescapable aspects of office life. Rex discusses how meetings can be made less dreadful, reviews best practices on navigating nettlesome office politics and shares advice on how to identify and manage the most common types of toxic co-workers. The presentation is followed by time for questions and hopefully collaborative discussions of how individuals can best tailor these suggestions to their own workplaces.

The 5-Word Solution: A Mantra for Workplace Success

Not long after launching his workplace column, as readers began emailing him problem after problem, Rex recognized that at the root of nearly every dilemma there was someone who had behaved poorly. Sometimes that behavior was buried under other layers of drama, but, as you peeled the onion, there it was: Someone was a jerk to someone else. Someone didn’t help out when he should’ve. Someone didn’t go the extra mile to make her co-worker’s life easier. So Rex coined a 5-word mantra: Be a decent human being. This presentation explains the power behind that simple slogan and offers advice on how you can use it to make your work life – and the work life of those around you – better than ever.

The Workplace to Come: Millennials, Technology and Changes that Will Help Us All

Businesses today ignore the opinions and behaviors of Millennials at their own peril. Rex explains why this rising generation – with its focus on work/life balance and a caring culture – will change the workplace as many of us know it, largely for better. This presentation examines not just Millennials but the role technology plays in blowing up the traditional concept of cubicle-bound workers. It will touch on the positive aspects of these changes, such as increased employee morale and engagement, as well as the skills necessary for managers to handle an increasingly mobile workforce.

If you’re interested in having Rex speak at your event, please fill out the inquiry form below. Please note that all bookings are subject to review and approval by Rex’s employer, the Chicago Tribune.